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Video-Bibliography: Ancient World. Middle Ages. Early Modern Times. Alphabetic & thematic indices of science videos on world history / Institute of World History of the RAS

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Issue May 2022 (05/23/2022)

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Issue 4-5 (2022) (05/23/2022)

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Issue 4–5 (2022): a selection of scientific videos on the application of neural network technologies in philology and historical research, as well as alphabetical and thematic indices of video recordings of reports posted on the YouTube channel of the Department of Historical and Philological Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Issue 3.1 (03/12/2022)

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Issue 3.1: YouTube Channels of the research-educational projects “Expert system “Byzantine law and acts” (Yuri Vin) and “Monasticism throughout History” (Moscow Ivanovsky Monastery) / E. Kazbekova

Issue 2.1 (02/15/2022)

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Issue 2.1: A selection of scientific videos on the YouTube channel of the Faculty of History of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Scientific & educational videos of the Center "Eastern Europe in Antiquity and the Middle Ages" of the IWH RAS. Thematic section “In memoriam” / E. Kazbekova; E. Litovskikh

Issue 1.1 (01/25/2022)

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Issue 1.1: The channels of the Centre for Medieval Studies HSE University (Moscow) and the Tronsky Conference / E. Kazbekova. – Moscow, 2022. – 32 с. (pdf-version of the materials of the site – (preprint)
Institute of World History of the RAS, 2022
E. Kazbekova, 2022
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