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About the project

The Internet project "Video Bibliography" is designed to facilitate the search for scientific information on world history. We plan to support it until the creation of a unified all-Russian catalog of scientific and educational video and audio materials based on the or another state organization.
The "Video Bibliography" contains indices of video recordings of scientific reports posted on the YouTube channels of the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, reports on the channels of other organizations are also partially indicated. The "Video Bibliography" contains a small section with educational and popular science videos and interviews on world history. The site will be updated with new materials.
The alphabetical index of authors and indices by events reflect video materials on the history of the Ancient World, the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times, as well as separate materials on Modern and Contemporary history.
PDF issues of the "Video Bibliography" indicating the month and year include all the materials of the site, issues with double numbering – thematic collections and videos from YouTube channels of other organizations (since May 2022 - issues with simple numbering).
The YouTube channel of the project contains thematic sections "In memoriam", "Scientific videos on history" (list of channels), "Educational and popular science videos on history" (list of channels).
The titles of videos that are given on YouTube without translation into English are indicated by transliteration.
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